KEYNOTE: Architecture Driven Transformation
Paul Preiss, Iasa Global

Digital transformation, business transformation, people transformation. At some point the transformations all run together in a big blur. But there is some light there at the end of the tunnel. There are two types of transformation programs, the surface and the structural. Surface transformations amount to very little. Guess what? Architects excel at structural change, the kind of change that goes to the bones of the company. But to do so we have to change ourselves first. If only just a little.

  • The core of real transformation is people and ideas
  • Business owners naturally believe they know the customer, but they need to know the next customer
  • Technology executives enable, but they need to know how to lead
  • Changing business models, new customer journeys, roadmaps and milestones, and the constant possibility of disruption
  • Change is constant and those who can deal with uncertainty become the masters of the future.

Architecture thinking, as IBM once called it, is the ability to enjoy uncertainty while creating certainty for others. Join me on a journey of change, uncertainty and creation. And learn how architects can continue to be the true agents of transformation.

Paul Preiss is the CEO and founder of the Iasa, one of the largest Enterprise and IT architect associations in the world. Through his time at Iasa, Paul has taken the association from a single user group in Austin, Tx to an international organization with chapters in over 25 countries. Paul’s vision is a unified architecture profession with effective education, credentials and ethics that fully supports corporate strategy and delivery.